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Sparrow Squadron Cover Reveal Announcement

After working with two talented artists across the ocean, churning through multiple drafts, I’m pleased to announce that the cover for Sparrow Squadron is finally ready for Prime Time! I’m partnering with YA Bound Book Tours for the Cover Reveal, scheduled for December 20.

Cover Design by Kit Foster.

Cover Illustration by Daria Tikhomolova.

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Review: Wolf by Wolf, by Ryan Graudin

I’ve been wanting to read Wolf by Wolf for a while now, mainly because I’ve been drawn in by that cover. I love the tidy design. Written by Ryan Graudin, Wolf by Wolf, is an alternate history YA story where World War II was won by the Axis. A decade later, Yaël, a Jewish girl with a unique ability, is on a mission to kill Hitler. But first, she needs to get close to him by winning a race. Read on for the review.

Review: The Body at the Tower (The Agency #2), by Y.S. Lee

A review of the second instalment of Y.S. Lee’s YA historical mystery series. Today, we’re trying out a new format!