Writing Prompt #3: Commodities of Value

I entered this in the Battle of the Bards competition, under the title, “The Commodity,” so it has a bit more polish than most of my flash fiction. The stipulations were a 300-word limit and it had to contain the words “day” and “night.”

Writing Prompt #2: “That is disgusting…”

This week’s writing prompt resulted in more of a fragment than a full story. Who knows? Maybe it’ll lead to something bigger.

The prompt is “That is disgusting,” Christina shook her head.

Writing Prompt #1: “That’s the park.”

The writers group I participate in starts out every meeting with a writing prompt exercise. Someone grabs a random book from the shelves of the library where we meet and picks out a page.  The first sentence of the page becomes our writing prompt and we have five minutes to come up with something. Every now and then, I actually come up with something coherent, so I’m happy to share it.

Today’s writing prompt is the sentence, “That’s the park.”