Short Story: The Faith Healer

Recently, I started my foray into Wattpad, putting up a horror story, The Faith Healer, that I wrote as part of a writing prompt exercise a little while ago. While I’m working to post some of my longer work there in serialized format, I decided to publish my first story here as well. Here’s the teaser, followed by the story itself after the jump:

Moving into an old folks home doesn’t need to be the end of the line, as Walter can tell you. Thanks to his enterprising grandson, and a little faith, the dying Walter may just have found a new lease on life. But this sort of healthcare doesn’t come for free. . . .

Find Me on Wattpad!

Part of my efforts to build an author platform is to make my work available as widely as possible, and I’ve found a great venue for that: Wattpad.

I’ve just published my first post there, a horror short story. Check it out here:

The Faith Healer