Super Bowl Special: Spotlight on 5 Ancient Sports

Just in time for the Super Bowl, a post that combines three things I love: sports, books and history!

I make no secret of my love of sports.


He’s performing a Jedi mind trick on you right now (USA Today)

[What I should perhaps keep secret but will admit anyway is my perverse admiration for New England Patriots coach and hoodied evil wizard Bill Belichick. Watching him dominate the NFL is like watching Darth Vader in action at the end of Rogue One: I know he’s with the bad guys and he’s evil, but damn is it cool seeing him overwhelm mere mortals.]

All this is to say that on Super Bowl Sunday, I really felt like posting about sports. I’m going to shine a spotlight on five sports. To satisfy the need for my blog to also reference the historical and the bookish, these are all sports with ancient origins and I’ll be pairing them with book suggestions.

Kicking off “The Process”

This piece, in which I compare diving into self-publishing to rebuilding the Philadelphia 76ers, was brought over from my old blogspot site.