Sparrow Squadron: Out Now in Paperback

And you know what that means…

Uh, well, I won’t quite be back to regular programming just yet. I still need to work on e-book channels outside of Amazon. But for the most part, work on Sparrow Squadron is switching over to longer time-frame advertising campaigns, so no more frenzied spam bursts. That means an uptick in properly bookish and historical blog posts.

What to look for soon:

  • The life and times of Sophie Blanchard, the solo woman aviator and one of the first military aviators.
  • Things I would do differently: lessons learned in the mad dash to publish my first book.
  • Me in Book Characters Tag: A getting to know me post that will also get me back into the bookish swing of things (Thanks to Kristin Kraves Books and Emma @ A Dreamer’s Library for the idea.)

Sorry for the tease. Hope to see you back with some real content soon!

Don’t Hate the Player: Why My Amazon Ratings Won’t Match My Blog’s

The age-old consternation over Amazon ratings hits home with the release of my first novel.

Like a number of book bloggers, I juggle between my author hat and my reviewer hat. Having done both now, I can see how fraught and loaded the issue of Amazon ratings can be. As an author, I’m deeply aware how consequential those little yellow are to self-esteem and financial rewards. I definitely want to support deserving authors on Amazon, but I need to have a system in place if I want to still keep up my reviews as a book blogger.

Here’s the TLDR: I am only leaving 5-star ratings for books that I liked on Amazon, even if my blog gives out fewer stars for the same book.

Book Promotion: Just-in-Time Learning

Today I look at applying just-in-time planning to the book promotion process, another way a (former) dayjob has helped with writing.

Those of you who have been following this blog for advice on self-publishing (and if you are, you should really be following someone who knows what they’re talking about instead 😜) have read how I use skills from my dayjob to help with my writing. Now I’m going to reach further back, before my time as an IT consultant, to when I was a student engineer in the automotive industry.


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