Top 5: Short-Fiction Horror Picks @Fluky Fiction

The good folks at Fluky Fiction recently asked me for a list of my top 5 favourite horror novels. Since I’ve always found horror short stories to be more enthralling and that’s what I write, I decided to make it a list of top 5 short stories and collections.

I Got Interviewed!

I know, lots of authors get interviewed on blogs, but this is the very first time I’ve been interviewed, so I think I deserve the exclamation point! Alright, I promise, that one was the last one! Oops, sorry.

As you can tell, I’m very excited and grateful to have been featured on Nicholas Adams’s Laughably Inane Blog. It was quite fun to open up to a fellow blogger. You’ll actually find out a lot about me that I don’t mention on my own website, so if you do enjoy my blog, please check it out:


My First Guest Post! Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Horror Novels @ Fluky Fiction

Hey everybody! This is so exciting. Someone (the wonderful Cara at Fluky Fiction) thought I was interesting enough to merit a guest post on her blog.

Did you remember that I also write horror? This post combines my love of horror with my love of history, using a journey through the ages of horror novels to come up with 5 costume ideas to solve the most terrifying conundrum that faces us every Halloween: Costume Stress!

Costume Ideas Inspired by Horror Novels