The 5 Best Things About “The Terror”

AMC’s (and Amazon Prime’s) limited-run period drama / supernatural horror hybrid is already a hit, but if you haven’t yet been converted, here’s what you should know about my new favourite show.

I haven’t loved watching something on TV this much since The Wire (yes I know everybody name checks The Wire, but there’s a reason for that. The Terror is a perfect mix of period details, a mysterious monster, beautiful Arctic scenery and survival drama, all things that I happen to love.

But if you don’t share my tastes (quite likely, because who else would blog about Sam Hinkie in a post on self-publishing a YA novel) here’s 5 reasons you should be watching The Terror too.

Using Lovecraftian Words in Everyday Conversation

One of the joys of reading old works of fiction, or historical fiction that mimics older styles, is being forced to find a dictionary and look up archaic words. Of course, it’s always a fine line between learning delightful new/old words and excessively flipping back and forth trying to understand what the hell you’re reading. One of the reasons I like the Mary Quinn stories so much is that they navigate that line so well.

And then there’s H.P. Lovecraft.

Short Story: The Faith Healer

Recently, I started my foray into Wattpad, putting up a horror story, The Faith Healer, that I wrote as part of a writing prompt exercise a little while ago. While I’m working to post some of my longer work there in serialized format, I decided to publish my first story here as well. Here’s the teaser, followed by the story itself after the jump:

Moving into an old folks home doesn’t need to be the end of the line, as Walter can tell you. Thanks to his enterprising grandson, and a little faith, the dying Walter may just have found a new lease on life. But this sort of healthcare doesn’t come for free. . . .


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