The Anti-Christmas Kids’ Reading List

Excuse the clickbait-y title. This is not a list of books against Christmas. Or book recommendations for kids who hate Christmas.

I’m no Bad Santa. In fact, I just finished a Christmas-themed reading list post. It’s just that ’tis the season, in North America at least, when we get inundated with so much of it, sometimes it’s nice to focus on books for the holiday season that aren’t Christmas-y.

The origin of this anti-Christmas kids’ list comes from me wanting to introduce my kids to concepts outside of Christmas. This isn’t motivated by some cultural altruism. I mainly want them bugging me less for presents! But in searching for good winter holiday kids’ books that aren’t about Christmas, I did end up finding diverse writing that taps into cultural traditions outside of the Christmas norm. In keeping with this blog, I chose ones that have an emphasis on history.

I haven’t read any of these books but I’ll definitely be searching them out for my own kids, especially as they get older. I look forward to being ignored as they clamour for the latest Lego set.

If you’ve read these books or have your own recommendations, please let everyone know in the comments!

Setting Type: Historical Books for Iconic Christmas Characters

4 Iconic Characters from Christmas-themed books and movies receive the gift of books perfect for them.

It’s been a long time since I first did this feature. A quick recap, Setting Type is similar to a book tag, but instead of matching a book to a descriptive tag, I try to find the perfect Histories Unfolding book for real or fictional people. In keeping with the approaching holiday season and its glut of Christmas-themed offerings, here are 4 perfect history books for 4 iconic Christmas characters.