Reading List: Memoirs of War on the Eastern Front

Photo from Deutsches Bundesarchiv via Wikipedia

I’ve noted before how World War II continues to provide an endless bounty of fascinating stories and inspiration for writing. Perhaps because of this, there hasn’t been much impetus in the English-speaking world to turn its attention away from the battles that the Western powers fought in North Africa, Italy, France and the Pacific. In fact, the only dent made by the war between the Soviet Union and Germany in cultural consciousness that I can remember was the moderately successful movie, Enemy at the Gates, about the Battle of Stalingrad.

One of the great joys of writing historical fiction is doing the research. To be able to shed light on hidden corners and discover things you wouldn’t normally have a chance to.

Review: Red Sky, Black Death, by Anna Timofeyeva-Yegorova

Translated by Margarita Ponomariova and Kim Green

Although she flew ground attack planes rather than fighters, Anna Timofeyeva-Yegorova’s story stands as a good reading companion to the life of my character, Aelita Makarova. As I gear up for the release of Aelita’s War, I thought it would be a good time to re-post, from my old blog, this review of an excellent military memoir.