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Riding the Dragon: Roleplaying Games, Writing, and Life

Sorry for the momentous sounding title, I really just want to talk about rediscovering roleplaying games while isolating 

Up until recently, my kids’ experience of roleplaying games (RPGs) was limited to one particular Teen Titans episode:

Ha ha! Now that song’s going to be stuck in your head too!

Maybe it’s because I thought they were too young, or maybe I’m just a lazy, inattentive parent, but I never thought about introducing them to RPGs. Now that I have, I’ve discovered a number of benefits, both as a writer and a parent.

2020: A Look Ahead

Yes, it’s time for another hiatus ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but hey, that means I’m doing lots of fiction writing

The past year was pretty rocky in terms of getting writing done. But the good news is that it ended on a high of productivity. I managed to squeeze a bunch of content out of one book series that I read (seriously, you should check out The Accursed Kings.) I published another short story. More pertinent to this new year, I finally got untracked on the long promised sequel to Sparrow Squadron. And best of all, I’ve sorted out a leave of absence from my day job, which I’ll be using to go full speed on a number of long simmering writing projects: finishing up the Aelita’s War series, introducing my newsletter, moving into the fantasy genre and starting up a whole new series.

Of course, all of that is a long way of saying I may disappear from this blog for a while. Longer than usual, I mean.

If you’re interested at all in new material that may come down the pipeline, please sign up for my newsletter. I post very infrequently, and only when there’s important news that I think you’ll be want to hear about. Keep an eye out on an exclusive Aelita’s War short story ahead of the launch of Book 2.

Thanks for reading and I hope to be back at it sooner than you think!

The Raptors: Champions of Quirk

It’s a new season for the Raptors, and a new season for this blog

I’m back, maybe for real this time. Now that my draft manuscript for the Sparrow Squadron follow up is off to my beta readers, I have a chance to finally breathe. However, I’d like to extend the work ethic that fuelled my recent writing frenzy and revive this blog.

First off, I’d like to blog about the other reason I haven’t been heard from for months: the Raptors’ NBA Championship!

I know this is neither “Bookish” nor “Historical” [ed. actually, it is!], but championships only happen once every 26 years or so in this city, so let’s do this.

Despite signs of a massive Championship hangover keyed by the departure of Kawhi Leonard, there’s still much to love about this team. I’ll leave the basketball side of things to people who know better and talk about what I love most about the Raptors: that they are the kings of NBA quirkiness!