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I Actually Wrote Something! “Why Do You Do This?”

Cosmic horror comes to a soul-destroying workplace not at all meant to resemble certain IT contracting activities.

Yes, over the past year, I’ve mostly been grinding away at a giant hamster wheel of novel-writing. However, I’m also pleased to announce that one of my horror-adjacent stories, “Why Do You Do This?” will be appearing in the anthology of fantasy and surrealism A Land Without Mirrors. Put out by the fine people at Fluky Fiction, A Land Without Mirrors features 16 tales of the weird and fantastic.

My own story, “Why Do You Do This?” is very much experimental in tone, and was a chance for me to try out not only some new narrative techniques, but also to express myself in a much more personal and raw manner. I hope you’ll give it and the other stories in the collection a try.

A Land Without Mirrors is currently available as an e-book from Amazon. If you want to say, hopefully good, things about it, here’s the Goodreads page.


Sparrow Squadron Now Available on NetGalley

Calling all bookbloggers and book reviewers! My debut novel, Sparrow Squadron, is listed on NetGalley for the next month as I try out this service for the first time.

If you’re not familiar with it, the novel is inspired the real-life overlooked stories of the Soviet Union’s women fighter pilots who went into combat against Nazi Germany. Here’s the one-liner:

Her homeland invaded, 16-year-old Aelya Makarova fights back in the deadly skies over WWII Russia. But enemy aces aren’t the only foes she needs to face.

Because I’ve waffled over using NetGalley before, I’m also going to use the results as an opportunity to write about what can be a very important tool for indie authors to get the word out about their work. So for the first time in a while, I’m getting work done both as a blogger and an author!

If you’re a bookblogger, book reviewer or just plain like reading free ebooks, you can go and check it out at the link here, or click on the banner below.



A Review of Sparrow Squadron on Discovering Diamonds

My debut novel Sparrow Squadron has just been featured on Discovering Diamonds, the historical fiction reviews website.  Here’s a highlight:

Insightful, layered and suspenseful, this is very enjoyable and a good set-up for the sequel.


You can read the full review here.

Thanks to Christoph and Helen at Discovering Diamonds for taking the time to feature my book.

Guess I better get working on that sequel!


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