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Favourite Things to Watch in 2020

I really should stop calling myself a book blogger, but at least I’m still an author

I knew that being over 2020 has been done to death. So I had been hoping to put together a positive article, about the best things about 2020, from a Histories Unfolding perspective. The problem is, among other things, this year seems to have obliterated my reading habits. I can’t honestly remember what I read in 2020. There has, however, been a lot of sitting on the couch watching stuff.

Without further ado, here’s some of my favourite history adjacent things I watched this year.

Primer: Operation Barbarossa and the Battle of Stalingrad

Continuing my series of primers for Aelita’s War, this post includes material from the notes to the second novel, Raven’s Shadow. It covers German invasion of the Soviet Union and the subsequent actions, including the Battle of Stalingrad, that lead up to the events in the novel.

Learning History, YouTube Style

YouTubers are coming up with fun and unusual ways to teach history – here are some of my favourites

Over at my old blogspot, I happily talked about the awesome weirdness of YouTube history videos: as a cure for insomnia and as a Trojan horse hiding behind porny thumbnails.

What I didn’t give YouTube credit for is that many videos provide new and exciting ways to learn about history. It’s an especially great gateway for people who aren’t necessarily interested in watching traditional history documentaries (I’m thinking specifically of my kids!)

I wanted to share three favourite YouTube history series that I’ve recently discovered with you. Don’t worry, while they’re educational, there’s still some awesome weirdness in there.