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Excerpt: Demon in Diapers

My short story, “Demon in Diapers,” is available now as part of the collection When Glints Collide, an anthology of horror. I’m really happy to include an excerpt of it here.

“Demon in Diapers” is an autobiographical memoir of parenting and demonic possession. Don’t believe my wife. This actually happened.

Writing Prompt #3: Commodities of Value

I entered this in the Battle of the Bards competition, under the title, “The Commodity,” so it has a bit more polish than most of my flash fiction. The stipulations were a 300-word limit and it had to contain the words “day” and “night.”

Writing Prompt #2: “That is disgusting…”

This week’s writing prompt resulted in more of a fragment than a full story. Who knows? Maybe it’ll lead to something bigger.

The prompt is “That is disgusting,” Christina shook her head.


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