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Read Raven’s Shadow Preview Chapters Now

My new historical fiction novel Raven’s Shadow comes out in two weeks, but you can read a preview right now

Ahead of the September 24 release date for Raven’s Shadow, I’ve posted the first four chapters as a preview on this website. It’s available in PDF, epub, and mobi format. You can also read it directly from this website in HTML.

Go to Chapter 1 now to catch up with Aelya after the Battle of Stalingrad

Excerpt: A New Kind of Warrior

I’m trying something new by posting my first serialized fantasy story, “A New Kind of Warrior,” on the free writing site, Wattpad. Part 1 goes up today. Check it out here:

A New Kind of Warrior

It’s a 6-part story and subsequent parts will be posted on Fridays and Sundays between November 17 and December 3. Read all of Part 1 below the description and the jump below.

Lindal has been chosen by her god to be the lone girl among her people’s caste of divine warriors, giving her the power to sense and shape the natural world around her. Now fate leaves the last chance of salvation for her people in her hands. She must protect a sacred fragment of their god against a ruthless invader. But as the land dies around her and her power wanes, her only hope lies in seeking help from an unexpected and dangerous ally.

Short Story: The Faith Healer

Recently, I started my foray into Wattpad, putting up a horror story, The Faith Healer, that I wrote as part of a writing prompt exercise a little while ago. While I’m working to post some of my longer work there in serialized format, I decided to publish my first story here as well. Here’s the teaser, followed by the story itself after the jump:

Moving into an old folks home doesn’t need to be the end of the line, as Walter can tell you. Thanks to his enterprising grandson, and a little faith, the dying Walter may just have found a new lease on life. But this sort of healthcare doesn’t come for free. . . .