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Spotlight on The Accursed Kings, Part II

It’s time for mini-reviews, with a Game of Thrones twist.

Following on my last post, introducing the historical fiction series The Accursed Kings, let’s dive into the individual books, starting with the first four.

I know, I originally said three, but as I reconsider these novels, I realize how closely linked in plot and theme the first four are compared to the later novels.

I’m going to give each one a mini-review, similar to my Reading List recommendations posts. In keeping with the Game of Thrones connection, I’ll call out which GoT fans (the TV series, not A Song of Ice and Fire) fit each novel best.

The Accursed Kings, Part I

Epic medieval saga? Check. Long delay between books? Check. Lavish TV adaptation? Check. The Accursed Kings was everything I wanted for a post-Game of Thrones / pre-Winds of Winter fix

When a new English translation of The Accursed Kings series of historical novels was issued in 2013, George R. R. Martin contributed the foreword. He called it “the original game of thrones.” It’s easy to see the connection. Political machinations. Sexy intrigue with murderous results. Feudal families clashing, their bonds tested and frayed.

While the events of The Accursed Kings, taking place in France over the first half of the 14th century, are in the history books, it’s author Maurice Druon’s particular telling that makes it so influential.

But the big question is, does it fill the Game of Thrones shaped void in your heart?

The Raptors: Champions of Quirk

It’s a new season for the Raptors, and a new season for this blog

I’m back, maybe for real this time. Now that my draft manuscript for the Sparrow Squadron follow up is off to my beta readers, I have a chance to finally breathe. However, I’d like to extend the work ethic that fuelled my recent writing frenzy and revive this blog.

First off, I’d like to blog about the other reason I haven’t been heard from for months: the Raptors’ NBA Championship!

I know this is neither “Bookish” nor “Historical” [ed. actually, it is!], but championships only happen once every 26 years or so in this city, so let’s do this.

Despite signs of a massive Championship hangover keyed by the departure of Kawhi Leonard, there’s still much to love about this team. I’ll leave the basketball side of things to people who know better and talk about what I love most about the Raptors: that they are the kings of NBA quirkiness!


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