About Me

Josef Stuffin, fictional character by Darius Jung

Hard to believe, but this is not a picture of me. This is Josef Stuffin, a character from a story I haven’t gotten around to writing yet….

I like to write under the name DL Jung. It doesn’t take a lot of digging to find the person with whom I share a biography. Now here’s the biography, in short!

Based in Toronto, Canada, I work days as an IT consultant and nights as an author and publisher. In between, I occasionally raise a couple of infuriating endearing little imps. Most of all, I’m an expert work-shirker and procrastinator. I find these skills apply equally well to both my dayjob and my writing.

I’ve also had an alternate career as a game show contestant. During lean times backpacking in various places, I’ve survived off of pub quiz prizes. Sadly, I’ve grown rusty in my old age and had to hang up my quiz show buzzer.

My first novel, Sparrow Squadron, a YA historical fiction set in WWII is out now. It’s Book 1 of a planned trilogy, entitled Aelita’s War.

I also write fantasy and horror short stories. I like sports and analytics, too. If I could write a story about the analytical revolution in Blood Bowl, that would be perfect.


Reach me by email: [email protected].

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