Month: September 2020

Happy Book Birthday to Raven’s Shadow!

The day is finally here! Raven’s Shadow is out on Amazon today.

Raven's Shadow
Raven’s Shadow (Aelita’s War, #2)
But that’s not the only good news.

Sparrow Squadron is available for free on Amazon for a limited time!

Sparrow Squadron
Sparrow Squadron (Aelita’s War, #1)

But wait, there’s more! (I sound like the Sham WoW guy ?)

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All right, I’m done now. Enjoy your day!

Sparrow Squadron Giveaway

My new novel, Raven’s Shadow, comes out in 1 week! It’s book 2 of Aelita’s War, a series of novels following the exploits of Soviet women fighter pilots during World War II. If you didn’t get around to reading the first novel, Sparrow Squadron, no worries, you can get a free ebook copy just by signing up for my newsletter:

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I’ll also be sending an exclusive prequel short story, “The Education of Roza Gromadina,” to subscribers when Raven’s Shadow is released. Look for a sneak peek of that story soon.

Read Raven’s Shadow Preview Chapters Now

My new historical fiction novel Raven’s Shadow comes out in two weeks, but you can read a preview right now

Ahead of the September 24 release date for Raven’s Shadow, I’ve posted the first four chapters as a preview on this website. It’s available in PDF, epub, and mobi format. You can also read it directly from this website in HTML.

Go to Chapter 1 now to catch up with Aelya after the Battle of Stalingrad