Month: June 2020

Announcing Raven’s Shadow

The pilots of Sparrow Squadron are back. Raven’s Shadow, Book 2 of Aelita’s War, coming soon!

OK, it’s not a pre-order announcement, or even a cover reveal (although check out the sneak peek of Daria Tikhomolova’s awesome cover artwork above.) It’s more like an announcement of an announcement, but yes, I am just about ready to release the sequel to Sparrow Squadron, entitled Raven’s Shadow! And anyway, in a world that’s still waiting on The Winds of Winter, I think that counts for something.

The manuscript has finished copy editing and is just going through formatting. Keep an eye out for lots more exciting news on the way including:

  • A full cover reveal
  • Pre-order availability
  • Preview chapters
  • A free prequel short story, “The Education of Roza Gromadina”
  • Giveaways of Sparrow Squadron e-books and ARC copies of Raven’s Shadow

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Riding the Dragon: Roleplaying Games, Writing, and Life

Sorry for the momentous sounding title, I really just want to talk about rediscovering roleplaying games while isolating 

Up until recently, my kids’ experience of roleplaying games (RPGs) was limited to one particular Teen Titans episode:

Ha ha! Now that song’s going to be stuck in your head too!

Maybe it’s because I thought they were too young, or maybe I’m just a lazy, inattentive parent, but I never thought about introducing them to RPGs. Now that I have, I’ve discovered a number of benefits, both as a writer and a parent.