Once every 26 years, I get to go way off topic with this blog

It’s a new season for the Raptors, and a new season for this blog

I’m back, maybe for real this time. Now that my draft manuscript for the Sparrow Squadron follow up is off to my beta readers, I have a chance to finally breathe. However, I’d like to extend the work ethic that fuelled my recent writing frenzy and revive this blog.

First off, I’d like to blog about the other reason I haven’t been heard from for months: the Raptors’ NBA Championship!

I know this is neither “Bookish” nor “Historical” [ed. actually, it is!], but championships only happen once every 26 years or so in this city, so let’s do this.

Despite signs of a massive Championship hangover keyed by the departure of Kawhi Leonard, there’s still much to love about this team. I’ll leave the basketball side of things to people who know better and talk about what I love most about the Raptors: that they are the kings of NBA quirkiness!

Reasons the Raptors Are the Best Quirky Team in the NBA (and Maybe All of Sports)

Kawhi Leonard’s was a big loss for this team. I’m not just talking about its competitiveness. The Raptors will also miss having a one-man meme generator. Even so, this team has an elite level of quirk. The NBA is now as much about off the court stuff as the game itself. So here’s an incomplete list of why I’m still labelling the Raptors and elite team.

Rock Star Coach


(Toronto Raptors, @Raptors/

The team’s nerdcore coach, Nick Nurse, showed off his musical side when he disembarked the plane in Milwaukee with Beats over his ears and a guitar strapped to his back. Then we got “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” And a guitar solo with the Arkells. It’s weird and it’s wonderful.

Everybody’s Got Their Own Clothing Line

It’s one thing for a superstar to get their own clothing line. But the Raptors’ DIY clothing deals extend from KLow7 and Spicy P to FVV’s “Bet On Yourself” and Norm Powell’s “Understand the Grind.” And of course, even the coach has his own hats!

How Hungry Are You?


Jeremy Lin got off easy with stinky tofu in this episode! //

At one point last season, the words “Kawhi bull penis” were trending. We have Serge Ibaka’s YouTube cooking show to thank for that!

The Drake Thing


(Josh Lewenberg, @JLew1050/

As I learned from Danny Green’s podcast last season (we miss you too, Danny!) Drake, aka “The Boy,” has his own locker in the Raptors’ dressing room. Whatever your opinion of Drake, it’s pretty awesome for a superstar of his calibre to be the Raptors’ biggest cheerleader. Plus, he can give the coach stress-reducing back rubs.

For these and many other reasons, this Raptors squad provides so much joy. As the season starts today, I look forward to basking in their well-deserved victory lap!