NEW YEARS 2018, 2017
Out with the old, in with the new! Max Pixel

As a blogger, I should know better and split my posts up to create more content, but I’m getting so deep into my book launch, you’re getting two posts in one!

Whew, that was a long break! I was planning on taking some time out and getting some distance from all the work of writing, marketing and blogging. Instead, I spent the holidays worrying about all the writing, marketing and blogging I could have been doing. So here comes a long overdue, two-in-one 2017/2018 New Year’s look back and look forward post.

What I achieved in 2017

  • First of all, I got this whole blog up and running! It’s so much better than the old website and it took a while to find my style, but now I’m really enjoying it. Plus, double-digit followers, woohoo!


    It’s Janus! Patron god of blog wrap-up posts.

  • I passed some key bookblogger milestones: I did my first guest post and hosted my first one as well. I also participated in my first book tag.
  • As an author, I also passed some big milestones: I published my first short story and my first novel, I did my first author interview, and now apparently, I’m due a few (emphasis on few) bucks from my very first royalty payment!
  • The biggest theme of 2017 was learning. I learned an insane amount. About blogging, about writing, about publishing and marketing. I even got a stranger asking me for writing advice! I wisely pointed out some smarter people to be asking ?

Highlights from my 2017 in blogging

What I’m going to do in 2018

  • Here’s the bad news for the blog. I’m fully absorbed by the publicity work for Sparrow Squadron. This means a disruption to my regular blogging activities for the next three months or so. Expect a reduction in bookish posts, and drop in the frequency of posts as well.
  • The good news, though, is that I’ll still be putting out a lot of blog posts on the history side, with a focus on subjects related to Sparrow Squadron: World War II, women in combat, and Soviet history.
  • You’ll also see a shift later in the year to covering books and topics related to the sequel, Sparrow Falling.
  • I haven’t totally abandoned regular bookblogging. Look for Super Bowl and Valentine’s themed posts in February.
  • I’m going to be doing some fun things with my static website pages as well, such as character profiles for Sparrow Squadron.
  • There’ll be a noticeable break in my blogging as the Sparrow Squadron blog tour comes around (March 5-16, 2018.) I’ll be linking to promo posts that participating bloggers will be putting up. I’ve been saving some special content for them, including a never-before-published excerpt from the novel. Sign up for the blog tour with YA Bound Book Tours here!

I’m really happy to be getting back into the swing of things and I hope you’ll enjoy what I have in story for 2018.

What was your favourite post from 2017? Let me know in the comments!