Month: January 2018

Don’t Hate the Player: Why My Amazon Ratings Won’t Match My Blog’s

The age-old consternation over Amazon ratings hits home with the release of my first novel.

Like a number of book bloggers, I juggle between my author hat and my reviewer hat. Having done both now, I can see how fraught and loaded the issue of Amazon ratings can be. As an author, I’m deeply aware how consequential those little yellow are to self-esteem and financial rewards. I definitely want to support deserving authors on Amazon, but I need to have a system in place if I want to still keep up my reviews as a book blogger.

Here’s the TLDR: I am only leaving 5-star ratings for books that I liked on Amazon, even if my blog gives out fewer stars for the same book.

New on Wattpad: Sparrow Squadron Preview

The 4-chapter, 22-page Sparrow Squadron preview is now out on Wattpad!

Sparrow Squadron: Blog Tour Announcement

After the success of the cover reveal for Sparrow Squadron, I’m pleased to be partnering again with YA Bound Book Tours for the Sparrow Squadron Blog Tour!

There will be lots of promo content available, including a never before published excerpt, an author interview, a playlist and guest posts.

Sign Up for the Sparrow Squadron Blog Tour here!

Sparrow Squadron is available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle:

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