Month: November 2017

Review: Escape to Gold Mountain, by David H.T. Wong

Sometimes a book’s message is bigger than the sum of its parts.

Such is the case with David H.T. Wong’s historical fiction/non-fiction hybrid graphic novel, Escape to Gold Mountain (I’ve been trying to settle on a format for titles on this blog, and I’ve decided now: books are underlined!) The “Gold Mountain” of the title is the way early Chinese immigrants referred to Canada and the United States. The message of Wong’s book is particularly resonant, not only for those of Chinese descent, but for anyone impacted by immigration today (i.e. everyone.)

Justice League Movie Book Tag

I’m back on the book tag wagon, thanks to a well-timed post on Book Princess Reviews and a little encouragement from Bionic Book Worm. This one coincides nicely with the release of the Justice League movie.

Many thanks to The Book Cover Girls for the original tag and graphics:

Justice League Movie Book Tag [Original]

If you want to know more about book tags, check out my post for the Fall Book Tag.

Excerpt: A New Kind of Warrior

I’m trying something new by posting my first serialized fantasy story, “A New Kind of Warrior,” on the free writing site, Wattpad. Part 1 goes up today. Check it out here:

A New Kind of Warrior

It’s a 6-part story and subsequent parts will be posted on Fridays and Sundays between November 17 and December 3. Read all of Part 1 below the description and the jump below.

Lindal has been chosen by her god to be the lone girl among her people’s caste of divine warriors, giving her the power to sense and shape the natural world around her. Now fate leaves the last chance of salvation for her people in her hands. She must protect a sacred fragment of their god against a ruthless invader. But as the land dies around her and her power wanes, her only hope lies in seeking help from an unexpected and dangerous ally.