I know, lots of authors get interviewed on blogs, but this is the very first time I’ve been interviewed, so I think I deserve the exclamation point! Alright, I promise, that one was the last one! Oops, sorry.

As you can tell, I’m very excited and grateful to have been featured on Nicholas Adams’s Laughably Inane Blog. It was quite fun to open up to a fellow blogger. You’ll actually find out a lot about me that I don’t mention on my own website, so if you do enjoy my blog, please check it out:


Nicholas and I are collection colleagues (anthology allies?) and you’ll find our stories in When Glints Collide, a collection of horror, science fiction and other oddities from 14 different authors.

When Glints Collide Fluky Fiction Horror Science Fiction Short Story Anthology Cover, DARIUS JUNG

When Glints Collide (Fluky Fiction)

Nicholas is also a sci-fi author, and you’ll find his latest novel, The Angels’ Secrethere on Amazon. 25% of net monthly sales go toward the Wounded Warrior project, so if you’re interested, you get to help out a worthy cause too.


The Angels’ Secret