Month: October 2017

Excerpt: Demon in Diapers

My short story, “Demon in Diapers,” is available now as part of the collection When Glints Collide, an anthology of horror. I’m really happy to include an excerpt of it here.

“Demon in Diapers” is an autobiographical memoir of parenting and demonic possession. Don’t believe my wife. This actually happened.

Find Me on Wattpad!

Part of my efforts to build an author platform is to make my work available as widely as possible, and I’ve found a great venue for that: Wattpad.

I’ve just published my first post there, a horror short story. Check it out here:

The Faith Healer

Primer: The Start of World War II

The primer series for Sparrow Squadron continues with the final events leading up to the beginning of the novel. This post covers the lead up to World War II in Europe and the first two years as Nazi Germany’s war machine sweeps past its opponents.