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What’s this puppy so excited about? Is it the all new look blog that’s got him salivating? Surely it’s not that juicy strip of bacon hanging just out of frame! Mmm, bacon. Sorry, what was I talking about?

Right, the new blog! A while back, I wrote about rebranding myself, and here it is: Histories Unfolding. I’m into the home stretch for my new novel, Sparrow Squadron, so you’re about to see a whole lot of this website geared toward promoting that. Get ready for sample chapters, artwork reveals and giveaway contests.

But there’s more. This blog will be a platform for my interest in all things history. While my novel is a YA historical fiction, I’ll also be writing about non-fiction history books and books from back in the day that have become a part of history.

What’s New

Sparrow Squadron

  • This is my new YA historical fiction, the first book in the Aelita’s War series.
  • Expect to see news items, including sample chapters, artwork reveals and giveaway contests. I’ll also be posting bonus content from the book, such as a primer on the Soviet Union and World War II, maps and a glossary of terms used in the story.

Historical Books and Books in History

  • I’ll be discussing historical books, both fiction and non-fiction, that were influential to Sparrow Squadron or would make good companion pieces.
  • I’ll also indulge in my love of all things history and write about that, with an emphasis on books with historical content and books that have been around long enough to be history.

More Fiction

  • Along with Sparrow Squadron, I’ve also begun publishing short stories. “Demon in Diapers” is coming out as part When Glints Collide, an anthology of horror and sci-fi, from Fluky Fiction.
  • I’m about to embark on a campaign to put stories on Wattpad. Look for those as well as sample chapters from other works in progress and more flash fiction to appear here.

Regular Features

  • The Reading List: A collection of book recommendations tied together with a specific theme, with a particular emphasis on relatively obscure books from history.
  • Screen to Screen: A comparison of adaptations from book to TV/movie/video game or vice versa.
  • Setting Type: Applying Histories Unfolding personality tests to fictional characters and books themselves.

Okay, so maybe you’re not as excited as that puppy, but now you know why I am. Happy reading!


Photo Credit: Eric Danley