Month: July 2017

Writing Prompt #3: Commodities of Value

I entered this in the Battle of the Bards competition, under the title, “The Commodity,” so it has a bit more polish than most of my flash fiction. The stipulations were a 300-word limit and it had to contain the words “day” and “night.”

Screen to Screen: Piece of Cake, by Derek Robinson

I’m kicking off a new feature! Screen to Screen looks at adaptations, specifically from book (an e-book screen, get it?) to movie/TV/game or vice versa, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each. With the release of Dunkirk, today’s inaugural edition about Piece of Cake is for anyone interested in events that preceded and followed Dunkirk – The Battle of France and The Battle of Britain.

Review: The Body at the Tower (The Agency #2), by Y.S. Lee

A review of the second instalment of Y.S. Lee’s YA historical mystery series. Today, we’re trying out a new format!