Category: The Process

The Mystery of the Missing Cover Designer

Indie authors, has this ever happened to you? You’ve scoured the internet and recommendations from other authors, looked through portfolios and finally arrived at a book cover designer that seems perfect for your book. You’ve made contact, their working style fits yours, they seem enthusiastic about the job and everything’s lined up. You’re ready to begin, you send over a design brief. And then… nothing. When you try to get a hold of them, you’re totally ghosted.

This happened to me.

Checking On The Process: A Book Marketing Plan

Ah, book marketing, the part of the publishing process that every author dreads. I’m just starting out, and it was painful for me too, but by sticking to my organized approach and breaking ithings down into smaller tasks, it’s turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. This approach isn’t for everyone, but hopefully, if you’re an indie author too, you’ll find a bit of comfort the next time you need to think about book marketing. It’s time to check in on The Process!

The Over-Research Trap

While I’m on vacation, I’m going to cheat by porting over posts from my old blogspot site. Today, I recount what is probably the best piece of advice I’ve come across on the subject of researching historical fiction.


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