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A New Kind of Warrior: Now Complete on Wattpad

Granted, I wrote “A New Kind of Warrior” a while ago, but I’m still proud of myself for editing and posting it onto Wattpad for everyone to read in between all the stuff going on with my novel and blog. Just goes to show you the value of getting things written in advance. 😃  Here’s my blurb for this fantasy story with a twist:

Lindal has been chosen by her god to be the lone girl among her people’s caste of divine warriors, giving her the power to sense and shape the natural world around her. Now fate leaves the last chance of salvation for her people in her hands. She must protect a sacred fragment of their god against a ruthless invader. But as the land dies around her and her power wanes, her only hope lies in seeking help from an unexpected and dangerous ally.

Click on the link below for the complete 6-part short story. You can also sign up with Wattpad and follow me with the orange button in the sidebar.


Sparrow Squadron Cover Reveal Announcement

After working with two talented artists across the ocean, churning through multiple drafts, I’m pleased to announce that the cover for Sparrow Squadron is finally ready for Prime Time! I’m partnering with YA Bound Book Tours for the Cover Reveal, scheduled for December 20.

Cover Design by Kit Foster.

Cover Illustration by Daria Tikhomolova.

Sign up for the Sparrow Squadron Cover Reveal here!

Find Me on Wattpad!

Part of my efforts to build an author platform is to make my work available as widely as possible, and I’ve found a great venue for that: Wattpad.

I’ve just published my first post there, a horror short story. Check it out here:

The Faith Healer


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