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Primer: The Russian Revolution and the Early Soviet Union

Today marks the start of a series of background primers to introduce readers to the historical setting of Aelita’s War and the first novel in the series, Sparrow Squadron. While I’ve written this with people who have little knowledge of this time period in mind, I invite those with more knowledge to take a look and give feedback. It’s not easy to squeeze an immense amount of complex history into a series of short blog posts!

An edited version of this primer will appear in the published novels (i.e. minus the lengthy preamble and the pictures with snarky commentary.)

For the first post, I wanted to introduce you to life in Aelita’s home country, the Soviet Union, before the war, but I didn’t think I could do that without talking about how it came to be.

Review: Nanjing: The Burning City, by Ethan Young

Another quick graphic novel read and another review. This time, one of World War II’s most infamous atrocities gets a searing and heartpounding treatment from artist-writer Ethan Young in Nanjing: The Burning City.

Review: Superman: Red Son, by Mark Millar

Today, I have learned a trick to keep my pace of reviews up. Graphic novels! If you’ve been reading this blog (and if you’re actually here, you probably have) you’ll know how much I love and respect graphic novels and comics. So I’m not denigrating them, but simply stating the fact that they are much quicker to read than pure text. Up first, I look at one graphic novel with a historical bent. Superman fights for Socialism, Motherland and the Soviet Way in Superman: Red Son, from the Trolltastic Mr. Mark Millar.

(Apologies for the double colons in the title of this post, I’m trying to keep to a consistent format. Yes, I am that anal.)


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