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The Lowdown

I like history and I like writing. I called this blog “Histories Unfolding” because it’s not just about the standard narrative of history. This is about history in books and books in history. Here’s a guide to the different categories and features.


History: This blog is going to indulge in my love of all things history and write about that, with an emphasis on books with historical content and books that have been around long enough to be history.

The Process: I decided to tackle the managerial and marketing aspects of my self-publishing venture like a project implementation in my day job. Learn from my experiences and many, many mistakes here.

Fiction: I’ll occasionally put up some flash fiction, writing morsels that fit into blog posts. Short stories and sample chapters from my novels will also fall under this category.

Regular Features

The Reading List: A collection of book recommendations tied together with a specific theme, with a particular emphasis on relatively obscure books from history.

Screen to Screen: A comparison of adaptations from book to TV/movie/video game or vice versa.

Setting Type: Applying Histories Unfolding personality tests to fictional characters and books themselves.

Primer: The Russian Revolution and the Early Soviet Union

Today marks the start of a series of background primers to introduce readers to the historical setting of Aelita’s War and the first novel in the series, Sparrow Squadron. While I’ve written this with people who have little knowledge of this time period in mind, I invite those with more knowledge to take a look and give feedback. It’s not easy to squeeze an immense amount of complex history into a series of short blog posts!

An edited version of this primer will appear in the published novels (i.e. minus the lengthy preamble and the pictures with snarky commentary.)

For the first post, I wanted to introduce you to life in Aelita’s home country, the Soviet Union, before the war, but I didn’t think I could do that without talking about how it came to be.

Review: Nanjing: The Burning City, by Ethan Young

Another quick graphic novel read and another review. This time, one of World War II’s most infamous atrocities gets a searing and heartpounding treatment from artist-writer Ethan Young in Nanjing: The Burning City.

The Mystery of the Missing Cover Designer

Indie authors, has this ever happened to you? You’ve scoured the internet and recommendations from other authors, looked through portfolios and finally arrived at a book cover designer that seems perfect for your book. You’ve made contact, their working style fits yours, they seem enthusiastic about the job and everything’s lined up. You’re ready to begin, you send over a design brief. And then… nothing. When you try to get a hold of them, you’re totally ghosted.

This happened to me.


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