Aelita’s War

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June 1941. When the Nazis invade her homeland, a 16-year-old Russian flight instructor overcomes doubts about her age, gender and abilities to fly a fighter plane for the Air Force, only to learn that facing the enemy in the skies is not the only battle she needs to fight.

Aelita’s War is a thrilling new series of novels draws from the incredible true story of women fighter pilots in World War II to tell a heart-rending, action packed account of one young woman’s struggle to make it through the most destructive conflict in history.

Sparrow Squadron (Book 1) – Release Date: February 2018

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Bonus Material

Glossary – Navigating the Russian words, military jargon and technical terms used in the novels.

Map – Follow along with Aelita’s journey.

Primer #1: The Russian Revolution and the Early Soviet Union – An introduction to the recent history of Aelita’s home country of the Soviet Union, leading up to the events of the first novel.

Primer #2: The Lead-Up and Early Years of World War II – Europe’s march to war and the first two years of the conflict, up to the start of the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany.




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